Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Update

Heya, Dog Mom here!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  It has been busy here, but isn't that the story of our lives anymore....  The only time it slows down for me is when I get to go back to my parents' home, but alas, we stuck around the dog house this week.

On Friday, I took Sophie to Corvallis for an appointment with a board certified ophthalmologist.  A couple months ago, she was diagnosed with cataracts (with no other eye disease) by our primary vets, and I wanted a second opinion and consult for surgery.  We got great news!  The vet said her eyes looked good and that the cataracts should not interfere significantly with her vision at all.  I wish I could remember the details, but eye medicine is over my head....  In sum, though, she said this was just normal aging and that she would still pass a CERF.  Annnnd... Sophie got compliments galore there for her good behavior and how pretty and well put together she is.  She also saw a fish tank for the first time in her 10+ years and found it intriguing.

After the appointment, we took a walk down memory lane at OSU, where I did my undergrad.  Bittersweet stuff.  Suffice it to say, I am so happy I chose a private university for law school.  Anyways, we walked by the drab, dated Cordley Hall, where I spent most of my time doing zoology courses.  We passed Milam Hall, where I attended general biology lectures with a class size of 600-700 students.  There was a big music festival being set up at the Memorial Union Quad.  It looked like it would be a fun time for all of those youngsters.  (Okay, I am not that old, but still, I feel so old and mature when I walk around undergrad campuses....)  Anyways, Sophie enjoyed the walk and got pet by a few students.  There was a classic "is your dog part dalmatian" passer-by question to complete our outing!  I resisted a strong urge to a) take a photo of Soph in front of Motoman's fraternity house and b) get take out from any number of my favorite restaurants there.

I used to park on this charming street almost every day because student parking lots at OSU are always full....

On campus.

The MU Quad being prepped for a concert.

I spent Saturday morning working on my garden and then had an unplanned-for afternoon with friends.  We hung out at a park and later headed to one of my friends' place for a BBQ.  I went swimming for the first time in probably two years!  I am not in "swim suit shape," but I slipped into the pool and had a good time anyways.  Thank goodness for black, slimming swim suits!  After some good food later, we played an always-entertaining game of Cards of Humanity. 

We slept in this morning, and when I say slept in, I mean, Champ woke me up at 3am and 7am for potty breaks, and we got around at nine.  Yep, yep, the schedule was a bit off last night!  After a relaxing morning of being lazy around the house, I worked up the ambition to finish my garden.  I am three weeks behind my goal, but they are finally done! 

The veggies!

The planters were built by some manly friends when I had a BBQ a couple weeks ago, and I have been slowly finishing the pvc holder things for those loopy covers for fall/winter growing.  I put some plastic mesh and weed barrier fabric on the base and began slowly piling on the soil.  And today, I put the finishing touches on them and got my veggies planted!  Hopefully, the plants won't be too crowded and my layout decisions work.  Fingers crossed.  This is my first garden on my own, so I'm pretty excited!

The worst part of it all was the earwigs.  I've declared war on them.  Seriously.  Earwigs and worms and centipedes.  I cannot handle them.  Today, though, I actually let a worm live because I needed to focus all of my deadly efforts on earwigs.  Eek.

I also planted strawberries in hanging baskets! (They are tilted on purpose for sun exposure.)

My herbs! 

Back in Eastern Oregon, my parents' garden produced its first tomato!  And the peonies are blooming.  I am so jealous that I missed them during my visit last week.  They are just gorgeous flowers.

Of course, what would a post here be without mention of the blog's main character?!  Champ has had a low profile this week.  His poor throat is irritated.  It's not presenting as kennel cough, and I've been debating whether he needs a vet visit.  Normally with our dogs, I just leap for the vet visit, but this guy is really sensitive about a lot of the procedures done.  I try to not subject him to unnecessary poking and prodding.  I will admit, I am not nearly consistent enough with counter-conditioning/desensitizing handling exercises for him... yes, owner fail.  Anyhow, he is eating, drinking, acting like his normal self, lungs sound good, etc.  I am *trying* not to worry.  If he keeps up the gagging this week, he will be going in.

As for Elsie, there is not much new with her.  She's rolled in something nasty twice this week (which equals two baths), tasted the garden soil, climbed into the gardens with utter disregard for my plants, tried playing with Champ (it almost happened!), obsessed over her squirrel daily, and chewed up a box of tissues.  She is a busy girl....

That's all for the weekend update!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. Great news on Sophie! I hope Champ is feeling better.

  2. Fab to hear that about Sophie!
    Dina Mom