Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Market!

Good evening everyone!
It's me, Sophie.  I just have a couple photos to share of me at the farmers market this morning.  Mom didn't want to look like a super crazy person, so they were actually taken right outside the market. 

It was super busy today, with most of the 150 slots filled with crafts, plants, farm fresh produce and meats, baked goods, and food stands.  We saw a lot of dogs, including a couple Great Pyranees (one had cute sun glasses on!) and a Bearded Collie, who was in serious need of some grooming.  I was sad for him or her.  Anyways, it was all very interesting and fun. 

Mom owed me, too, since she spent the morning with other people's puppies.  (I thought she was over the puppy craze and moving on into the baby craze phase....)  It was her first time teaching a class in dog training.  She was really nervous beforehand, but when she got back, she said it really wasn't all that horrible.  The head trainer led most of the class, and Mom was only responsible for two behaviors. In a few more weeks of doing this assisting stuff, Mom and her friend will be co-teaching their own classes.  And then Mom is going to owe me lots more one-on-one time.....

When we got home from the market, Mom spent an hour or so doing some training with us.  We were outside, so she had to pop a Bennie (aka take a Benedryl) for her allergies.  Now she is pretty sleepy, so we are having some lazy couch time inside.  In a bit, we are going to do more training because Mom realllly doesn't want to do her dishes.  It is looking to be a quiet evening at home!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I wish we had a nice market like that hear! Most of ours are either a) not good stuff b) no shade or c) full of horridly behaved dogs.

  2. Ah, bummer! The dogs here are usually well behaved, and there are rules posted at the entries. However, once we did see a RGer try to attack another one that got too close to the plate he was licking. That was the only bad incident.