Friday, June 14, 2013

Road Trip!

Happy Friday blogworld!

We got to go home to Eastern Oregon yesterday!

Now, if you are familiar with Oregon, you may be wondering why we are excited about EO. It is rural and pretty boring to people used to busy, city life and all the amenities that go with, but we love it. Blue skies, open space.

If you like doing outdoorsy stuff, you can find lots to do, like camping, boating and other water sports, hiking, fishing, hunting (or wildlife watching if you prefer), etc. Anyways, EO is where we grew up, and our little Corner of the Earth is the near-perfect getaway from our busy lives in the Willamette Valley. Mom gets to relax and enjoy her family, and we get to play and run to our hearts' content.

Someone took these photos on the way home. It wasn't safe enough to get any pretty green-filled photos before The Dalles region because the roads are windier and had too much water on them (raining, of course). One of these days Mom will pull over and get a photo of her favorite scene on this drive.

Sleepy Sophie is a better traveler than me, so she gets shotgun now....

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