Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Hunt

First things first, guys.  Today is our two month blogging anniversary!  Thank you all for supporting us by visiting and commenting!  And thank you (you know who you are!) for nominating us for several blogging awards!  I promise, I will be dedicating some posts soon to them! 

Second, Mom's computer is going to be fixed this week!  Hooray!  That means we can actually be more active in the blog hops!  We have felt bad not being able to comment on as many as we'd like, but it is so time consuming to fill in m, c, v, x, z, and several punctuations.  Who knew those keys could make as much of a difference as they did!  (Thanks Elsie.)  (Dog Mom here--Thank you Elsie, too, for breaking my desk lamp....  Manners, Missy.)

And now for today's mischief.  We are going to talk squirrels and birds!

No, Elsie, not your squirrel.  I know you're obsessed with it, but there are actual real squirrels here that you totally miss out on while you play with your silly toy.

There is this squirrel that lives nearby, and we don't exactly love him because:
A) he pitter patters across our roof every morning and is super noisy. 
B) he emptied Mom's bird feeder, which was supposed to be squirrel proof.  (Yeah, right.)
C) he is a tease.  Anything that tiny and fuzzy should be eaten.  Asap.

So, I have taken it upon myself (sometimes with Sophie's assistance) to try to hunt said squirrel.  Tactics include begging him to come visit with me.  He must be a real jerk, though, because for all of my chit chat (Dog Mom here: read, barking), he remains elusive. 

When barking him to come down fails, as it inevitably does, I sometimes try to wait him out.  See how patient I am?

Or, I try chasing him from the ground.

At the end of the day, I have yet to taste--err, I mean, meet--him.  It is quite sad.

The same goes for the robin at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I spent all day everyday pointing her (admittedly, I creep a bit), but for all of my efforts, she got away. Every. Single. Time. 
One of these days, all of my hunting efforts will pay off....  Paws crossed.

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  1. Keep at it! Your efforts will pay off one day! My Patches caught a squirrel once. She was over the moon. You can do it!