Monday, June 3, 2013


Okay, I was going to post about the mischievious tick that I found on Champ last night (from our yard--eek!).  New plan. 

I did a bunch of yard work this afternoon, so I took a quick shower (ten minutes is quick, right?).  I grabbed my towel, dried my arms and started on my hair and face, when I realized my towel smelled odd.  Hmmmm....  I sniffed it again.  Sure enough, dog pee.  No joke.  So back into the shower I went....

I do not know what got into Champ.  He is house trained to the point that he will even beg to go outside to vomit, yet he marked my towel.  Naughty dog.

So as I was writing the above on my cell, Elsie was at my feet chomping on what I had assumed was the empty box of tissues.  Wrong.  Naughty Dog #2.  She was chewing on the carton of lemonade that I had set of the floor.  (Yes, I was drinking it straight from the carton.  No judging.)  It was a close call, but I noticed before she actually punctured the carton.

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  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That truly is a mischievous dog! Our towels are kept on a high shelf in the bathroom, and I hang my towel over the curtain, so no chance of dog marking!

    1. Sadly, I am too lazy to hang up my towel each day. It lives on the foot of my bed, unless I have company over....

  2. 1) Ewww on the dog pee towel!
    2) Since the lemonade didn't leak I think Elsie can be classified as only 1/2 naughty ;-)

  3. Yikes, just when you think the house training thing is behind you! :)

  4. Truly is a mischief monday for you!
    Dina Mom