Monday, June 24, 2013

Someone did a Little Shopping....

Dog Mom here!

Who doesn't love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods?!  Anyone?!  Is there some reason I should hate them, ie horrible treatment of their employees?!

For now, I'll stick with lovin' these stores.  I was in a neighboring city for a hair cut and stopped by their TJ Maxx just to see if they had any different or better stuff than ours (they usually do).  I had to strongly resist getting one of their outdoor beds in cute modern patterns, and I had to strongly resist getting another indoor bed, especially when I saw a nester that my dogs would enjoy.

I did get these:

Can you believe the collar was only three dollars?  The rubber stuffable toy, which at least appears to be as well made as any Kong (and about the size equivalent to the medium size), was only four dollars!  Steal.  You can never have too many food toys....

Now, I'm not in love with the heart shaped buckle--not exactly my style--but it's subtle enough.  I do think the blue print looks great on Sophie, and the quality of the collar seems really good--solid, straight stitching, a reinforced end/tip, and rivets for the buckle holes.  

Happy Monday Mischief!

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  1. I love TJ and Ross and Marshalls too! I should probably avoid them though, as I always spend way more money than I intended to.

  2. My person has to drive a ways to get to any of those stores. I might have to send her off on a road trip though. So she can bring me back some goodies.

    1. I've gotten some great stuff there for the dogs and my house! I bet you'd like some of their toys, Bongo!

  3. Very pretty collar Sophie - you're lucky your mom loves to shop so I bet you get nice things all the time. My mom hates it...oh well, at least there is!

    1. Oh, I buy from Amazon all the time! (I should never have gotten Amazon Prime! Free shipping is too tempting!)

      I like to shop for dog, house, and horse stuff, but I'll admit, I have to be in a certain mood to go clothes shopping. Even then, I'm usually a no-nonsense kind of shopper--in and out. Ooo, and I won't get started on malls. Yuck.

  4. Oh, I LOVES those stores! Though, Ma says she should stay away cause she always spends green papers she shouldn't.
    Those are FABulous finds though! Wows, I LOVES that collar!
    Very cute!
    Ruby ♥

  5. I love the heart-shaped buckle on that collar!

  6. Sounds like your Mom got some great bargains!

    My Mum doesn't bother to get me new collars cos you can't see them with all my fur, so I'm just wearing my regular black one, no heart buckle - phew! :)

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)