Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nails and Food Stuffs

Okay, so Mom didn't make me any treats this week, except for some ground hamburger for classes, and I assume all of your humans know how to cook that.  Next week, we will have some tasty Kong stuffs.  Anyways, for today, I want to showcase this:

Do you know what it is?  Yes!  It is a wall of noms!  (Adams Naturals Creamy No-Stir to be specific.)  Mom had to clip our names today, and I'll be honest with you: I hate it.  I am Mom's first dog to not be able to cope with this torturous task, and boy, have I made it a challenge for her. 

First of all, she should know by now that I need more counter-conditioning.  Sure, it may not be as fun as teaching me other stuff, but it is important.  (Hint, hint, Mom....)  I do not like to be uncomfortable.  --Maybe because I endured more pain in the first year of my life than most dogs do in their lifetime, but we won't get into that right now. 

Anyhow, Mom uses an incompatible behavior--eating--to get me through this now.  We may try using our Manners Minder in the future.  In the past, she has done a lot of clicker training and clipping just a couple nails at a time, and for a few trims she even had to use a muzzle.  She figured out pretty quickly that no amount of tasty stuff with the muzzle was going to make me any happier about the clipping.  I used to get seriously pissed off about clipping. 

Eventually, clicker work, with rewards of games, treats, progress of walks, got us where we are today, when I can *tolerate* it.  I am still nervous, but as long as I have something tasty like PB or cream cheese to lick, I can get through all four paws in a few minutes.

Mom even used it to do Sophie and Elsie's paws today, even though they don't have issues like I do.

And now.... Dinner is served!

Mom does not always give us the luxury of eating out of bowls.  We have a bunch of treat dispensers that Mom rotates, and tonight Elsie had the Kong Wobbler, Sophie had the Squirrel Buddy (and a Buster Cube later, not pictured), and I had the IQ Ball with the divider removed.  (It's not that I'm not smart enough for that, but I only work so hard for dinner....)  Mom likes the Wobbler, but she thinks it is too easy so often puts another toy inside. 

I will note (just to try to embarass Mom) that she preps our treats and food on her own kitchen counter.  She does keep it all on one end and doesn't (usually) infringe on the human food side.  We have our own fridge and freezer shelves, too.  What do you think?  Gross?  Unsanitary?  Or do you do it, too? 


  1. *gasp!* its a squirrel dude! I remember those!

  2. It is Crio! This blog is complete now....