Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Birthday "Cake"

This just in!  My keyboard is fixed!  <Do the happy dance with me!>  Let me tell ya, having a broken keyboard was a life changing experience.  (I know, first world problems....)  Now, I'm going to hand this off to Miss Elsie....  Happy Tasty Tuesday! --Dog Mom

Oh my squirrel!  I get to be in charge of today's post!  More big news: I turned nine today!  So did my big sister, Morgan!  We celebrated our birthdays today and one of Sophie's "birthing days."  She deserves some credit, am I right?!

Mom made us a pawsome birthday cake.  You might remember the first birthday cake Mom made for our friend, Coconut, but ours was made of the good stuff--meat.  

Here's how Mom made the Turkey & Sweet Potato Cake:

--Mix together the following:
1 lb ground turkey
2 eggs
1 cup quick-cooking oats
2 medium cooked sweet potatoes
1/2-1 cup other veggies (Mom used corn this time cuz it is what she had on hand in the freezer)
1-2 sprigs fresh chopped rosemary
1 generous tablespoon honey

--Pat into a loaf on a non-stick sheet or pan and bake at 350 for about one hour, or until the internal temp is at least 165F.

Mom also made a CranApple Mashed Potato Frosting.  Noms.

The how-to:
Boil a few skinned russet potatoes and drain
Blend with an electric mixer until smooth
Add a cup of raspberry yogurt and 1/2 cup Cranberry Apple Butter and blend well

The pics:

Since she was "forcing" us to eat her creations, Mom also tried a nibble of each out of curiosity.  Her comments: "On the one hand, the turkey loaf was disgusting; on the other hand, it was edible [for you dogs, anyways].  The mashed potatoes were just weird." 

She is crazy, though.  This stuff was ah-mazing.  I gobbled it up like it was no one's business.  (Dog Mom here: lesson learned; for Sophie and Champ's slices, I cut them up into bits.  Elsie pretty much chomped and choked hers down.... Not the most lady-like dog.)

Mom is going to use the leftover frosting for Kong stuffing and the leftover cake (she only gave us small slices--boo) for training this week.  

Me in my silly birthday hat being oh-so-patient.

And here is what Grandma fixed for Morgan tonight for her birthday dinner: oven bake chicken breast, with grilled sweet potatoes, and a dollop of gravy.  Yum!

What is a birthday without presents?  Here's my loot (a Wig Wag treat dispenser and a HyperPet floppy racoon), but I gotta be honest, I was really more interested in my squirrel.  

Here are some more photos from our afternoon.  We also went on our first group walk in months (Mom had been walking us separately) and I got to do some fun training in the front yard.  I was a super good girl, btw. And now... to top off a great birthday, Mom, Soph, and I are hanging out on the sofa.  Champ is such a loner over there on the love seat....  That's okay, though.  More snuggles for me.

BOL.  Champ is wearing a pink hat!
Look Mom! I can sit pretty!

My bio-mom and me.  Happy Birthing Day, Mama!

Rarrrrhhh!  Crazy face!


  1. I think I'd like that cake!
    A belated happy birthday to you!