Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Slow drive, slow week

Hi all,
Dog Mom here.  It is going to be a slow week, as my laptop is awaiting repair.  Now, I'm not blaming it on Elsie, who didn't realize laptops are too fragile to jump onto last week, but I will say my computer was fully functioning before that little incident!  (Okay, okay, it was fully functioning for a couple days after her pouncing onto my keyboard, too....)  Anyways, it is a major PITA to type on it, so I'm currently writing on my cell, which happens to only be a minor PITA but a PITA nonetheless.  I could break out the ol' beast HP, but well, that may or may not happen.  So anyways, that's what's going on...  I didn't give up on this endeavor!

Anyways, we drove back to the dog house yesterday after a great long weekend at my parents' home.  Elsie was a crack up.  She adores Morgan, who refused to play with her, no matter how pathetically Elsie begged.  She was her copy cat, too.  Morgan rolling in the mulch?  There went Elsie.  Morgan lounging on a chaise.  Well, Else caught on to that as well.  And here is a photo of the girls... Elsie went and laid down by her big sis.

So back to the drive.  I've made that trip through the Columbia Gorge countless times.  My parents live in Eastern Oregon, and since undergrad at OSU, I've been in Western Oregon.    And I go home a lot.  Still, it is nerve racking for me when it is icey or rainy.  I think about too many "what ifs."  After all, I have precious cargo on board!  So just how would I get all three untethered/uncrated and bust us out of the car before we slid and drowned in the Columbia River???  OK, we won't go there now... or hopefully ever.  Anyways, I've always managed to make the drive safely--not without error, but safely. Last night was no exception--for us.

However, there was a 15 to 25 car multi-collision pile up, which caused both interstate lanes to close.  Just before five o'clock.  My uncle who made the trip Eastwards called us to let us know.  Surely it would be cleared up by the time I got there at 8 o'clock, right?  Wrong.  Over three hours later, we still had to sit on the interstate for an hour.  In fact, two police cars and two tow trucks made their way past us, and when we finally got in sight of the wreck, both lanes were still closed (we had to detour off an exit) and several cars were still on the road.  While we were stopped, I pulled over to let the dogs out.  Traffic started moving, and the car behind me was kind enough to wait and hold my spot in line, so only Soph and Champ got a break.  Here's Soph and Champ waiting ever so patiently during the crawl after hours of already being in the car.

Yes, Champ squeezes himself into the tightest of spots in the car.....

Oh, and here is a pretty flower growing on the hill by the road.  I wish I could have gotten photos of some prettier bunches of them, but this will have to do!

We got home soon enough, but it was late.  I unloaded our bags, the dogs got their dinners, and we headed to bed.  Today has been a whirlwind day of school, errands, yard work, dogs, and finally, couch time.  I'm sitting here with Else Bells on my left, Champers on my right, and Soph is over on the love seat on a plushy pillow and blanket.  (Elsie smells great, btw, since she got a surprise bath after deciding to roll in some Round Up I had just sprayed!)  Tomorrow will be another busy day with my shift at the shelter, housework, and finishing my vegetable planters!

Thanks for stopping by!

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