Saturday, May 4, 2013

Remi gets a haircut!

Hi All, Dog Mom here.  Welcome to another Setter Saturday!  Prepare for photo overload as I share some random pics of the gang over the last couple days and then of Remi's Overhaul today!

Excuse the quality [or lack thereof], please!  I took this of Champers through the back door this morning.

And a photo through the window of Elsie, Remi, and Morgan hanging out together.

Another "through the window" photo of Elsie and Morgan.  "Sisters for Life!"  Miss Else has a vet exam on Monday, by the way, for a growth I found on her Thursday.  Wish us luck!

Mama Dog taking it easy inside the house with me.

Sophie broke the rule of no dogs on the leather sofa.  (All the other furniture is fair game.)  Mom, please note that she is mostly on the blanket, okay?


It's Remi's Spring Makeover!  Here's the how-to:

1. Gather up random grooming supplies.  

2. Take one dirty, fluffy, drooly dog.

2. Drench, scrub, suds, and rinse.  If weather is warm enough to bathe him outside, go for it, so he can stand there, pathetically, wishing he was chasing birds with the other dogs.

3. Let him dry.  If feeling lazy, give him a half-assed towel dry, and then let the warm breeze do the rest.  While drying, trim his nails, clean his ears, and brush him out.

4. Tie him up to a grooming stand or a tree limb (in my case) for the clipping.  If dog is feeling as lazy as you, use a waist strap to keep him standing, but don't let it squeeze too tight.  

(I'll note that I don't use a waist strap all the time since it's a sensitive area, and once Rem got in the grooming groove, I took it off and just used my arm.)

5.  Clip the dog.  Err... I forgot a photo of the actual clipping, but it was probably for the best.  He looked like a disaster mid-groom.

6. Admire the results when he's all done!

7. Let dog run around all full of himself because of his snazzy haircut.  (I swear, he had some a cocky attitude after his groom, silly dog!)

Remi is the only one who gets a full summer groom.  I usually follow up the first cut with another mid-ways, through, closer to hunting season.  That way, it's still short enough for minimizing the burrs in the field but will have long enough to grow for winter.  

I love it when Remi's all clean!  There's a good hour of being able to pet him before he's all slobbery again!

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