Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photos at our family home.

Okay, Dog Mom here.  I can't believe we missed a post yesterday.  I mean, sure, it's gonna happen every once in awhile, but it was the first day I skipped one! I can't even show you what I've been doing because my cell, that I am temporarily calling a POS--even though I love it--is having issues maintaining connection to its little charger/drive tether portal thingy.  I will share pics tomorrow, though!

For now, prepare for photo overload.  One of these days I may actually start writing more substantial posts, but I took a bunch over my little vaca at my parents' that I want to share.

Oh Remi Dog....  Just look at those eyes.  He is so neglected.  And those paws.  Hang out in your pool much, Bud?

(And as I was I was typing that, Elsie almost fell off the couch....)

Aw, here's that boy again, fresh from a dip in the cool water.  Elsie doesn't adore Remi, but she was a good sport for this photo opp.

q`  <--Elsie typed that.  She's smart, eh?  Anyways, here she is after having stolen Sophie's bed.  The stinker. 

I love these Irises!  And Elsie is pretty, too. 

Yeah, she's very pretty.

Just like her mama... laying in the middle of the kitchen right in everyone's way.

Speakin' of her mama, here's Soph.  I repainted the bench behind her for my mom's Mothers' Day gift.

She always stands with her feet all lined up perfectly, and when she sits, she looks very neat and proper.

These are Sophie's favorite chairs.  

This dog bed is usually her last resort, but if you recall from above, Elsie had stolen her favorite one.  In this room, the dogs aren't allowed on the leather sofas, so the poor things are relegated to the dog beds.

Here's the #1 cutest couple in our fam: Morgan and Remi.  These two are besties.  I love watching them play together.

Last, but not least, my ponies!  My old man, Orion, apparently needs midday naps, while that brat Dandy just eats and eats....

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