Friday, May 3, 2013

Chores... During my Vacation

This evening, I had to spend some quiet time inside Grandpa and Grandma's house.  I wanted to go outside so badly, though.  There were birds out there just waiting to be pointed and chased off!

Mom thinks it's cute when I rest my chin on window sills, but she's totally missing the point.  I want out--not photographed or a conversation.

Eventually, we got to go outside to do chores.  Here, I'm helping Mom feed the horses.  By helping, I mean, staying out of the way.  I follow the rules about keeping out of the horse areas flawlessly, but I have a confession: the horses rather frustrate (and stress) me, and sometimes I bark at them when they move too fast.  (If they stay still, I give them kisses through the fence, though.)  Anyways, lately Mom has been tying me near the fence, so she can toss treats to me or putting me in an ex-pen (or house) away from it all, while she brings the horses in.

Tonight, the horses were so ready for their dinner that they ran into their overnight pens (they're only just being weaned onto the Spring pasture).  That's Dandy in the front.

Finally, before heading in for the night, we had to feed and kennel Morgan, Remi, and Elsie.  I like to supervise while Mom takes care of them.  Normally when we come visit, the others take turns inside the house overnight, but this go around, it's just Soph and me.   (I pretty much always sleep with Mom--again, she has attachment issues....)

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