Thursday, May 16, 2013

Manners Minder!

Look what we've got!

Our Manners Minder was waiting on our door step when we got back to our dog house last week.  It is so cool!  It's like a candy dispenser for dogs, except we've got to do stuff in order to get the yummies out!  Silly Sophie thinks it's a puzzle toy, but Mom will straighten that out when she actually starts some training with it. This week, Mom used it to help me wait more patiently in another room while she was in the kitchen.  The apron strings were stretched tight.  But.  I survived.  Thank you, MM!

Mom is in love with it because she can eat her own food and still give us treats without getting her hands dirty!  (Did I mention that Elsie drools?!)  She also doesn't have to move much, turn, or bend over to reward us.  She is lazy like that....

Anyways, eventually, I'm going to have Mom get some videos of me doing my tricks.  Yesterday I started working on weaving around Mom's legs, the beginning stages of "cop cop," and sitting while holding objects. Today, we focused on more obedience type work and practiced left turns at heel.  Those are tricky for me!  Oh yeah, inspired by a friend, Mom started to teach me "high ten" yesterday.  I have to admit, though, it's tricky as well.  Mom is going to have to rethink her method on that one!

Blogkeeping: Mom has added a bunch of training resources to the Training page!  Check it out!

Finally, tomorrow will be my blog's One Month Anniversary!  I'll have to think of something awesome to do to celebrate that!



  1. Jealous! I totally want a manners minder.

  2. I'm so glad I bought it! You'll love it, too, if you get one! Occasionally, it gets jammed, but I wondering if it's because of the shape of the kibble I'm using (more disc like than pebbles).