Thursday, May 9, 2013

Midday Naptime

It was a hot day on Wednesday, so Mr. Man wanted to come inside for a nap.  Elsie is on leash/crate rest from her surgery on Tuesday (more on that on Friday's post), and Sophie, well, that little priss was lounging around all morning.  And then there was Remi, laying by the back patio, with Morgan on the dog bed close by.  Can you see her dirty nose?  She's been busy lately....


And no, sadly, Toms does not make dog crates.  I just finally found a good spot for one of their stickers.  I <3 Toms shoes.

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Champ's mom


  1. Replies
    1. Yep! Now if only I had time for a midday nap....

      --Champ's mom

  2. I don't blame him, I have trouble sleeping in the heat too! LOL

    1. Same here! Sadly, tomorrow morning we are headed back to our "dog house" with no AC! Eek! Fortunately, the weather there is a bit cooler, but I'm still going to be complaining! Hopefully the pups won't mind too much.

      --Champ's mom