Saturday, May 11, 2013

Elsie's Ouchies

Just look at this poor girl.  My sis had surgery on Tuesday, so she's back on another crate/leash rest for a few more days.  She also gets to wear that silly donut collar.  It sure beats the cone of shame, though!

Life is so rough. <insert puppy dog eyes here>

This ouchie is on her chest.  The growth our vets removed was sent off for a biopsy.  Paws crossed it comes back benign or with clean margins.

There's another ouchie on her back.  It was just a sebaceous cyst.  No biggie, but since she was under, they took it off anyways.
Not that you can see them, but she also got her pearlie whites cleaned!  Else is missing most of her top incisors either from chewing out of her kennels or from being hit by a car with her previous owners.  That little knot on her head is from the car accident as well.  (Mom calls it her "dino bump," which is why her nickname is Dina Dog.) 

Thanks for stopping by for Setter Saturday!  It's a drive by, late post because I've been helping my mom with unpacking and yard work all day.  We are so tired and sore!


  1. Poor Elsie! Hope you are feeling better real soon!

  2. Thanks. She thinks she's ready to go, but I'm making her wait it out a bit longer!

    --Champ's Mom