Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I have a dog blog!

Welcome! My name is Champ/Champersands/Champers/Stinker/Bratdog/Mr. Man/Monster Man/Little Freak. I decided that a young, handsome, clever boy like me needs a dog blog, so I asked my mom to make one.  It's still a work in progress, but since there are already photographs of my cuteness on it, I'm pretty happy for now.  Here's another from a couple weeks ago just for good measure:

My mom loves my silly expressions! 

I'll be writing mostly to share little bits of my daily life, as well as our outings and fun adventures.  You'll also get to read about the rest of my family because it isn't always all about me!  My mom thinks I should talk about our training here, too.  I'm happy to do that because I love learning!  I know, I know, I'm a freak.  At least I'm not a professional student like my mom!  I'll write about a lot of other things, and I may even let my mom step in and write about her life a bit.

Speaking of my mom, I know some people would give her weird looks if they heard her refer to herself as my mom.  We both know she isn't my mom....  I mean, she has two legs, and I have four....  However, she loves me as much as she will love her own bio-kids.  Until those bio-kids come, though, she's happy with us fur-kids (she'll still love us then, too).  I love her as much as my own bio-mom, who you'll get to meet because she lives with us!  I also have to put up with my half-sister.  I've pretty much decided sisters are only to be tolerated.  My grandparents take care of another one of my half-sisters and one of my buddies.  They also take care of my mom's horses until she can afford to board them here with us.  I like licking their noses, but they kind of worry me.

Housekeeping:  You won't be surprised to learn that I do not clean my mom's house--quite the opposite actually--but I mean the other kind of housekeeping here.  Blogkeeping.  My mom is a busy lady.  She's going to try to help me update this at least three times a week, starting in mid-May 2013 (until then, my goal is a weekly post).  If I bug her enough, (hey! Bug is another one of my nicknames!) I will be posting daily.  She is going to something called law school, and apparently it has to take priority over me sometimes.  Right now is actually finals time, which is probably why she's helping me out with this tonight--she says she is the Queen of Procrastination.  She also assists with regional setter rescue and volunteers at an animal shelter as a dog handler; soon she'll be assisting and teaching training classes.  I don't mind sharing her with those other dogs, though, because they need people to spend time exercising and teaching them manners until they find families that love them as much as mine loves me!

Anyways, I want to do a Tasty Tuesday that features yummy treats my mom makes for us, Wordless Wednesday that just features cuteness, Tricky Thursday to show off my tricks (if my mom can get good enough photos/videos), and Fun Fridays with field/city trip show and tells. I'll decide the rest of the weekday themes later.  Maybe I'll do a Setter Saturday to feature the rest of my feathered family.

I think I'm ready for bed now--after I do my nightly yard perimeter check for all the ladies I have to guard at home and take my vitamins.

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back!  Remember, starting mid-May, my mom should be able to help me post regularly!


  1. Hi Champ! We just recently got our mom on board about our blog, so far she's doing okay with it. We're looking forward to your posts!

    - Kitty, Aero, Riot & Breeze

    1. Thanks guys! So far I'm exceeding my posting goals! Mom says she hates studying and would rather help me with this and other stuff.