Friday, April 19, 2013

The Park

Happy Friday!
Tonight, I am just going to share some photos from the awesome park that is just down the street from our "dog house."  It isn't a dog park, but we will talk about that tomorrow.

From yesterday:

I love the water!

Practicing my recall on the trail.

I'm already pretty tired here after running full speed ahead through the woods.  Mom's been too busy to take us to the park lately, but she promises to bring us more often.  That should help all of our conditioning.

Here's the creek at a different location.

This field is on our side of the woods.  When we can't go walk on the trails, sometimes we just run here.

From today:

I found another bird!  The greatest thing about this park is that I get to pretend I'm hunting.

I had my very first training class tonight.  I was so tired on the way home!  Because I can be leash reactive,* Mom took me to a practice session a few weeks ago.  She says I impressed her then as much as I did tonight!  I don't know what she gets so worried about.  I only let out a total of three or four barks: two when a big black dog came in late and one or two when he walked up to me (I don't remember).  I hardly knew what was happening before I found myself gobbling down handfuls of treats a couple yards away to where Mom moved me.  Other than that, I kept my eyes glued on Mom and eagerly waited for her to give me my cues.  It was actually pretty fun, and I showed her I could relax in a smallish room [that echos] with five other dogs and nine other people in it!

*Oh, I forgot to share that I passed an oncoming dog twice on my walk to the park yesterday and didn't react!  For full disclosure, he was on the other side of the street.  But after a scary encounter with one who was off leash and charged at us a couple months ago, I became pretty worried about oncoming big dogs on our neighborhood walks.  Mom doesn't understand why people let dogs that are not reliably trained off leash run loose in the neighborhood....  Anyways, I'm getting better with this.

A couple notes: first, my mom needs to get a different camera--and soon.  I was pretty disappointed that she didn't get any great action shots of me in the actual woods.  I guess I'm just too fast for the camera because I always looked blurry.  Or she doesn't know how to take photos (she makes no claims at being a photographer).  Probably a bit of both.  Second, you'll get to see the wooded trails tomorrow!  She has lots of photos of Sophie and Elsie in them.

That's all for tonight!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Champ, that looks like such fun! We want to go to your park!

    -The BARK Dogs

  2. It is a blast! What's really cool is that it is only a few minutes' walk from our house! Come on over!