Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Farmers Market Season!

Since Soph stole my spotlight yesterday, I'm going to use Setter Saturday to tell you about my morning!  Mom loves taking us to the Farmers Market; usually she takes us around a time or two, while deciding which vendors she'll return to, then stick us in the car if it's not too hot, and run through again to make her purchases.  Dogs aren't allowed near food booths due to health codes, and alas, she never goes to these with friends who could hold us during her purchases.  This is just one of the many reasons Mom says she needs a boyfriend....

Anyways, ever since I got all leash reactive a few months ago, Mom was hoping I would be all better by Summer so that I could go to these.  Today was the first morning she could attend, and she chose me to tag along!  We went early to avoid the mid-morning rush, but there were already a lot of people and dogs there. I wasn't counting, but I bet I walked by two dozen dogs without a worry.  (I even did oncoming passes with large dogs and kept my cool!)  I did want to go meet one little dog (they're not scary at all), but of course, Mom didn't think I was ready for that.  It was a little stressful when she asked me to sit and lay down with everyone milling around, but I handled it okay.  Mom was very proud of me for walking like such a polite dog through the crowd and paying attention to her.

Oh!  One lady guessed my breed right this morning--Llewellin even, not just English!  Mom was so impressed that they started chatting.  I even made friends with her and tried to give kisses.

Here are some photos from my outing.  They were taken away from the more busy areas of the market.  I guess Mom felt silly enough walking around with her treat bag and clicker, without also being that person taken photos of her dog posing by the booths....

Have [dog] car, will travel.

On my way...

To the Market!

Mom, you are so embarrassing.  Put the cell away!

Okay, I'll lay down, but no one better step on my tail!

Hmmm... those plants look like they need a good sniffin'.

I guess I look a little stressed out here....

Clearly, this isn't the time for photos....

But I'll sit again, if I have to....

Heading back to the car. I have no idea what building this is, but Mom let me check it out!

I also had a great Friday...  I exhausted myself running at the park, which Mom followed up with a walk, so that I'd be nice and tired for my second training class.  Maybe I over did it, because I wasn't as on top of my game during class last night, but I still did really good.  I barked at a dog that came in 45 minutes late but settled down quickly enough.  I also progressed to laying my chin down on my mat during class!  I got so many treats for that!  After class, Mom took me to Home Depot where we picked some stuff up for her pond.  Needless to say, I slept like a baby all night.

It's time to go play outside, now!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Your farmer's market looks bigger than ours, but we love to go! Ours is also open all year, so that's nice!