Monday, April 29, 2013

My Monday

I took a "Mom's Day" today.  Unless I'm excluded from those because I've never actually been in labor.  In that case, let's just call it a "Me Day."  Sans dogs.  Don't get me wrong--I missed them and felt guilty that I was <gasp> enjoying life without them at my side.  But... yeah, I need to get away every once in awhile and have some fun with some non-dog-obsessed friends.  It helps keep me normal, whatever that is.

Anyways, I drove to "the City" with a few friends for brunch.  Then we bounced on over to a bar.  And bounced on over to another bar.  The sun was actually out, so we just hung out at the sidewalk tables and had ourselves a good time.  

My belly is so happy, too. I had a fab hash with probably the second best biscuit I've ever had--sky high, flaky, and buttery.  Noms.  Even though I was still sickeningly full, I couldn't resist ordering nachos from the last bar.  Ah-mazing.  House made chips.  Enough said.

Oh yeah, I was in "the City" last night, too, for a fun "bowling with the professors" night.  It consisted of two of our coolest profs, plus about 6 of my friends, with a few of their other halves.  We bought this night out at a public interest auction dinner event a couple months ago.  Totally worth it!  It was about as fancy as a bowling alley can get (like, swanky city cigar lounge, if those exist) and had great food and drinks.  So... my belly was happy last night as well.

Anyways, the dogs are starving.  Gotta go!  Thanks for stopping by!

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