Thursday, April 25, 2013

I studied during Finals, too.

Okay, guys, this is what I hate about finals. It means that for two weeks, my life is boring. This go around wasn't too bad, actually, since Mom kinda took a more relaxed approach to it. 

See this look on my face? This me asking Mom why she is ignoring my ringing the bells, which clearly means I want to go outside. (Note, it doesn't mean I need to go outside.)  Obviously, I'm less than impressed with her attempts to study when there are birds and bunnies that need checking on outside.

So this is what I practiced during finals:

Yep.  Mat work.  I finally figured out that putting my head down gets me even more treats than just laying on the mat!  It's actually not as boring as what my mom had to study.  Still, there were things I'd rather be doing....

Anyways, this is me practicing my lessons in real life after a walk this week.

I haven't gotten to the point of resting my chin on the grass yet, but laying on the side of my hip was kind of a big deal for me, too.  I will offer it on my own a lot now, and it's also a fun game Mom and I play--she asks for "hip" and I work on scootin' backwards and sideways.

Did I mention that Finals are O.V.E.R.?!  We are all so excited for the summer to begin!  Sophie will tell you all about her day celebrating with Mom in tomorrow's post!

Happy summer!

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