Saturday, April 20, 2013

Setter Saturday Part 2

It's me, Sophie!  I got to run dog errands with Mom today!  We went to a nearby city's big farm store and then back to our neighborhood pet store.  I helped Mom pick out some new toys, restock on treats for our dispenser toys, get a vaccine, and pick up a crate pad for Champ's mat work.

I saw a lot of dogs in the farm store, and they were so yappy!  Not me, though!  Even if I'm a little noisy at home, I behave like an angel in public.  Oh, the cashier thought I was a shepherd mix!  At the pet store, the cashier thought I was a dalmatian mix. (I let it slide because she tried to offer me a treat.)  People just aren't used to seeing field bred setters, I suppose.

There were a lot of baby birds in the farm store!  I could hear them, but Mom wouldn't let me look in their pens.  Apparently my pretty face might scare them....  Bummer.  I love birds!

Okay, we get to go on our walks now!  


  1. Sophie, you pretty girl, how could anyone mistake you for anything but a setter! Too bad you didn't get to see the birds, but it sounds like a fun outing!

  2. Thanks, Cali! (I just figured out how to reply to comments.... Der.)