Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Review

"Happy" Monday All!

Dog Mom here.  I've got some catching up to do after a whirlwind weekend!

I spent my Friday roasting in and cleaning my house.  (Re: the heat: I'm going to go buy a kiddie pool today "for the dogs," although I'll probably be the only one lounging in it!  [None of my three here actually lay down in wading pools.])  I rewarded my suffering with a trip for ice cream.  Champ got to go along and enjoy some AC in the car.

On Saturday, my parents drove down (they got up at four am--ewww!) to have breakfast at our favorite spot ever.  My uncle and his girlfriend joined us, and then she and my Mom went to the farmer's market, while I went with my uncle and dad back to my house.  They napped... I wrangled (entertained) dogs.  Then, we headed to Portland to look at RVs.  Sophie joined us and was happy to be the spotlight dog of the day.

The below are photos at my uncle's place, where we hung out before and after baking in the sun on the RV lot.  It is usually where we stop on our way between EO and here.  The dogs love drinking out of his water fountain rocks.

This swing was at my house when we bought it, but my uncle liked it way more than I did.  I gave it to him as a small token of my thanks for letting me live with him for a few months at the start of law school.

On Sunday, I took Champ to the Coast for his fourth birthday.  (He actually turns four on Wednesday, but that's my criminal procedure final morning, after which we're driving to EO.)  My grandparents bring their RV/motor home to a nice campground right off the beach every year, so it was the perfect opportunity to go visit and let Champ have a fun day.  I can't believe I haven't gone to the Coast since moving here!  It's just over an hour away (to my surprise)!

The view from the motor home.

Heading down to the beach.

Tired face.

As soon as Champ saw the ocean from the car, he was all sorts of antsy and excited.  He's only been to the beach once before, but he loves water.  Clarification: he loves the birds that can be found with water.  The beaches were really crowded, so I wasn't able to put him on the long line.  I've decided he will probably never be able to go off leash there because of his love of the birds that float the waves wayyyy out there... as much as he love swimming, it is not his strong suit.  We tries to swim to them.  On the leash, we only went up to about his neck.  (Yes, I realize, probably not the best timing with his ear infections, but oh well....)

Still, he had plenty of fun splashing through the waves on a leash.  Since he was splashing through the waves, I was splashing through the waves, so thankfully, the water was warm.  We chased some birds, checked out sandcastles, [he] peed on abandoned sandcastles, [he] took a nibble of kelp (yuck), etc.  There were quite a few dogs there, and I was happy that none that were off leash approached us.  Champ did awesome going by the dogs and all the bouncy, squealing kids.  We both enjoyed our walks down the beach and plan on going back soon.

This morning, we babysat one of my friend's 11 month old baby for a couple hours.  I love him.  He is so easy-going and smiley.  The dogs all did great.  Champ has been around babies a little bit, but this was the first time we had one here one-on-one.  He was pretty relaxed with Baby--curious but not stressed.  Of course, he had to check him out and all, but I felt comfortable enough to let him in the same room as us.  The highlight of my morning was taking Baby for a walk with Sophie.  I can't wait to do the same with my own.

And now... it's either time to study or go get some ice cream.  Probably the latter.

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