Saturday, July 13, 2013

11 Day Recap!

I took a longer break from blogging than originally planned.  Woops.  Here's the recap:

7/3: My birthday!  After Mom's final, we drove to Eastern Oregon (well, NE OR, really).  When we got home, Elsie ran into the pasture for the first time (against the rules!) and got chased out by a very angry Dandy.  Mom was super thankful she didn't get hurt.  Naughty....

7/4: We played a little outside.  It was hot so we hung out inside for a good part of the day.  My great-grandpa came over for dinner because my great-grandma was still at the coast.

7/5: Mom left us early in the morning.  Grandma and Grandpa got/had to dogsit us for the weekend while Mom went camping in SW Oregon.  I wanted to go camping, but Mom said I needed to stay home (and be good).  Mom made us a bunch of frozen yogurt/meat/fruit treats and Kongs to help entertain us when she was gone--yum!

7/6: I was pretty good for G&G, but they had to humor both me and Sophie by sleeping in separate rooms.  I slept with Grandma on Mom's bed.  Grandpa slept with Soph on his and Grandma's bed.  We wouldn't settle down for the night any other way.  Spoiled, I know.

7/7: Same deal.  I tried to be good.  Oh yeah, with Mom gone, I didn't have to get my ear medicines! That was awesome.

7/8: Mom returned!  I was so happy.  I gave her a million kisses.

7/9: We went to the vet clinic Mom used to work at to confirm that my HomeAgain microchip was indeed not working. (Two clinics, six scanners.)  Spent the rest of the day doin' what I wanted.

7/10: We drove back to Western Oregon in the morning.  Mom co-taught her first class without the main instructor present.  She said it was fun.  Her co-trainer is another law student/dog nerd.

7/11: We just hung out at home because Mom had to write her final paper for Contracts Drafting.

7/12: I had a recheck vet exam for my ears and another microchip injected.  They took me to the back treatment room to do this, and this was only our second meeting!  I did not want to leave Mom!  But I survived.  Mom could hear every word, so she knows I didn't whimper or yelp when they stuck me with the BIG needle.

Afterwards, we just hung out again because Mom had to finish her paper.  She turned it in at the school, and then went to work with a project dog at the shelter.

And that brings us to today!

Mom and I went to the farmers' market this morning and had the most successful trip there yet!  We practiced loose leash heeling, and I was so good at it!  There were tons of kids, strollers, and dogs in the crowd, too.  One man and his son even recognized my breed--I can count on one paw the number of times that's ever happened!

(Mom took this in a less busy part of the market.)

Horse news: Mom's horse Orion is doing some serious vertical head shaking.  Paws, hooves, and fingers crossed over here that they can figure out and treat whatever's going on!  At first they thought it was just flies and gnats, but it got progressively worse over the last couple weeks.  The vet came out yesterday to sedate and look him over.  Mom thinks he suspected ear mites cuz he just gave Grandpa some mineral oil for his ears.  He was going to call WSU, though, and then come back out to fully anesthetize Orion on Wednesday--if there is no improvement--for more diagnostics.

Garden news: We finally have tomatoes starting!  They're green, but hey, it's about time!  So far, we've harvested 4 pepper, 2 zucchini, 3 yellow squash, 2 handfuls of green beans, and 3 strawberries.

And that's it!  Tomorrow we're going to tackle some major yard work and Mom has to finish up another writing project.

Thanks for stopping by!

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