Policies.  Boring, I know.  But here's the scoop:

Your comments are more than welcome!  We love having visitors and chatting with other dog bloggers!
The golden rules: Please keep comments at a Paws-13 rating or below.  No mean name calling.  No libel.  That should keep all of us pups happy.

By the way, Mom is moderating all comments, but that just means she's actually reading them all and making sure they are not spambots.  She'll try to respond to any if appropriate, but even if she doesn't, know that we appreciate your comments!  Thanks!

I have no idea if this blog is tracking your information, but in the event that we do giveaways or do a newsletter subscription type of thing, we will never sell or share your information with third parties.  We respect your privacy!

All text, photo, recipe, and video content belong to my mom!  If you'd like to use or share something from the blog, please just ask her first.  You can email her at champersandstail@gmail.com .  Of course, feel free to make/modify the recipes as you like.

At this time, I'm not interested in commercializing my blog with advertisements all over the place.  That could change when my mom gets her first student loan statements but not likely.

That said, I would consider post-specific sponsors, but I would reserve the right to refuse any offers and maintain total control over the post content.

We are interested in doing honest reviews for dog and horse products.  Let's face it: my blog is young--a pup, if you will.  However, we are building our audience, and our vast experience with and knowledge about dogs makes us more than qualified to test and share our opinions on products.  Just contact my mom if you'd like us to try something!

Thanks for stopping by!

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