Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Mom...

When I lay my chin on a cushion, please remove any/all objects on chosen cushion in a timely manner.  I need my rest.  And no. Please don't bother with patting another cushion.  The decision has been made.

Yours Always,


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wanted to respond to your comment here, to make sure you saw the response. What Koira is wearing in the splashing pictures is a neoprene vest- basically a wet suit. I made it for her both to keep her warm in the water and as a mount for the GoPro camera.

    There are a ton of different dog life jackets out there though! I own two different kinds for my dogs. I own an Outward Hound jacket and a home made life jacket, and both work well for my dogs. Guardian Gear makes a good life jacket as well. I, too, love the quality of Ruffwear gear, but find that most of their coat and harness type products don't fit well on my dogs' body types, unfortunately.

  2. Oh Champ, the peep trainin' is NEVER done!!!
    Ruby ♥