Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Errands and Hiking!

It's a Sophie Setter Day!

Running errands with Mom last Friday!  I got to go into a couple pet stores while Mom hunted for the Spindrift Super Strong Max Walker Lead (see below) and Lowes.

(Blurry, but the best Mom's lame-ass smartphone could get.)
It's me with my new hiking bud, Cricket!  I've never met her before this hike on Sunday, but Champ had tricks class with her and told me she is awesome!  I agree!  By the way, this was a post-wedding hike with her newlywed parents!  Mom went to their beautiful wedding yesterday on Saturday, at Beazell Memorial Forest, and guess what! Cricket was the Flower Dog!

At the base of Shellburg Falls... I really wanted to swim!

On a log overlooking the pools.

Mom made me stand on a rock ledge.  I refused to pose any better than this!  And yep, I was a bit winded!

Our hiking group underneath the falls.  Cricket is way over at the far left, but it's hard to see her.

And the actual Shellburg Falls from under that ledge above.  There wasn't much water, but it was still pretty!  We hiked for about an hour and a half or so longer, but Mom gave up on her camera phone.  It was really fun, though!  I especially loved watching Cricket kill a garter snake!  She meant business!

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  1. Yikes a sneaky snake? Apart from that it looks a lovely place to visit. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wows, what a hike!!! AND a snake killin'??! Pawsome. That Cricket is a keeper! BOL
    Ruby ♥