Saturday, September 14, 2013

Elsie... full of surprises


I finally took Elsie to the pet store for the first time today.  Crazy, I know, that I've had her over nine months and haven't done so before.  I guess I was just worried about her looking like a freak... a trait for which my dogs are known.  /cringe/  When I got her, she was a horrible leash puller, but we've been working on that.  What we haven't been working on are her issues with unknown dogs when she's on a leash.  Fail.  Elsie has made small improvements just from the walks we go on, but I haven't focused on it like I have with Champ.

So... I've been hesitant to take her to public places where we will likely encounter dogs.  I decided she needed an outing today, though, and brought her along to the pet store for treats and to get breakfast (for me).  It's a medium sized local pet store that we go to frequently.  Fortunate for me, unfortunate for my wallet, it's about two minutes from my house.  I figured if there was a dog in there, I could just take her back to the car, but as it was, there were only a few customers inside, all sans dogs.

Oh my gosh... all that intro, just to say she did great!  She sniffed around but kept on a loose leash the whole time.  I should add we didn't even have her front clip harness on!  She was sporting her new Hurtta Lifeguard Padded Y.  (As an aside, I need to post a pic of her in it!  I never jumped for pink before--for me or the dogs--but I have to say, I love, love, love, these pink harnesses on the girls.)

Anyways, we even got a compliment by a customer on how when trained she was. :)  Win!  I was so pleased over all at how well she did in the store, and I enjoyed watching having this new experience.  I'm looking forward to taking her for more fun trips.

Now... I guess we better get to work on making her less unhappy about other dogs being around!

Have a great weekend!
Elsie's Mom


  1. Sounds like the outing to the shop went well. Onwards and upwards. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. FABulous!!! Ma only takes me to the pet store when there are no other doggies around. I tend to bark at other doggies. I have gotten betters, butts let's just say, goin' to the vettie is an experience....
    Ruby ♥