Monday, September 16, 2013

I See Water!

Bark! Bark!  BARK!

I don't know how many of my fellow pups know this, but where there is water, there HAS to be birds.  I'm sure of it.  In fact, when my mom tried to take me on a leisurely stroll around her campus yesterday, it was Game On for me (Dog Mom here: read: Game Over for me) once I saw the creek that weaves through it.
I know I embarrassed Mom.  It's just that it is so hard to remember my training when I think there are birds around.  Loose leash walking?  Forgot all about it.  Woops.  I wanted in the water, that's all.  Too much to ask?  Apparently it was because Mom only let me step in and refused to take my leash off!  What, did she think I would just take off and go hunting in the middle of the city?!  BOL... yeah, she was probably right.

But I was right when I assumed there would be birds.  It took awhile of trying to drag my mom here and there (especially cuz she kept pausing and going backwards until I let up on the damn leash), but eventually I did find ducks!  And squirrels!

Poor Mom.  She didn't enjoy our walk at all.  I had a good time, though, and that's really all that matters.

Paws out,

Dog Mom here again: The most ridiculous thing is that Champ has been to the campus multiple times before and never ever looked like such an untrained brat!  He's usually fairly reasonable when I take him on outings! But nooooo, not this time.  Murphy's Law would have it, too, that there were quite a few people milling about while I had try to refocus him practically every step we took.... 

I'll admit I was at the end of my leash and didn't do much in the way of training games this time.  I should have just turned around and given up about a couple dozen times, but I just kept hoping it would get better....  Oh how wrong I was.

Thank dog I'm at that point in life where I can not worry about what others are thinking and focus on being a dog freak trying to manage her freak dog.  

At least I got these pretty nice photos of him.... 

Pre-creek/duck/squirrel-sightings at the water fountain.

I will sit on the fountain's ledge, I will not look at you!

Aaaaarrrrf!  The CREEK!  Where are the birds?!

Post-creek/duck/squirrel-sightings.  Yep, I'm a little tired now.

And that tongue fit neatly back in my mouth, how 'bout that!  Now someone wipe that slobber off of me!

Never mind, I'll just pant and froth some more....   Oh the stress of having to sit still when there are squirrels running amuck.....

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  1. Chasing squirrels and birds is just the best. Drats for me too. I am not allowed near the ponds because of the swans etc. Woods and squirrels though is another story. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly