Thursday, August 22, 2013

Muscle Man

Mom let me have the controls again!  I decided I wanted to join a hop that I've had my eye on since we started!  Yep, yep.... FitDog Friday!  After all, have you seen my awesomeness?!  No?  Well, look no further than....

See how fit I am?  I'm a lean, mean, huntin' machine!  Tweeties & Squirrels, watch out!

Now, I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I don't really have to work out or be on a diet to look this handsome.  In fact, Mom lets me eat as much as I want.  I know this doesn't work well for everyone.  For instance, my sis Elsie only gets a certain amount of food every day, and she usually eats it out of a food dispenser for a workout during dinner. 

Of course, I still need exercise to keep me happy and my mom sane.  Even though I don't get as much free time outside at G&G's due to the neighbor dogs, I still get my fair share of running around their property, plus Mom takes me to the schools she used to go to.  This morning, we went to her elementary school again to run on the long line.  Mom took some photos of me showin' off my moves.

I'm off!

What's up?!

I'm comin', Mom!

Who is that barking at me?   (Dog Mom here: Champ has been responding great on our long line runs when dogs have barked at him from their yards. =)

Paws down....  BRB.

Oh okay, Mom wants take over.  Thanks for looking at my photos!

Well, some of you may or may not know that I am the worst at making purchase decisions.  (This is probably because I really shouldn't be shopping... but... anyways....)  Anyways, last Spring, I was looking for a hands-free leash for jogging  walking (who am I kidding?).  I read review after review and finally gave up.  

Instead, I bought this horse tie down for around my waist and a horse bungee trailer tie like this to attach directly to the dogs, a long line, or [less practical] a leash.  Overall, I like it best for the long lines.  I feel it's secure because I have all the snaps double-secured in a triangle formation.  To keep the bungee from overstretching, I also have a 4' leash attached to the long line and to the waist strap via a carabiner.  I can attach my bait/treat bags to the waist strap, clip keys/water to it, etc.  Anyways, the biggest downsides are that I probably look like Super-Dorky-Dog-Freak with all the bulk 'n brass, and it is on the heavy side.  

This all leads up to the big question, which hands-free leash should I buy for the coming Fall?  School starts back up on Monday, and one of the ladies at the Dog House--could have two legs, could have four, I'm not saying!--needs to get in better shape.

Strength, quality, and a bungee portion are the three biggest factors I need.  I do not exactly have a trusting relationship with plastic side-release buckles; however, I realize that the bungee will offset any sudden force that may be applied to the whole system.

Hands-Free Leashes I've been looking at: 
OllyDog (Prospective con: how the bungee is connected)
Ruffwear Roamer  (Prospective con: really long length when stretched)
Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner (Prospective con: the snaps)
Spindrift Daisy Runner Belt + Spindrift Super Strong Stretchable (Prospective cons: plastic buckles on belt, plus it's a two piece system, was hoping for one piece)

Does anyone have any other suggestions or input about the leashes I'm considering?

Thanks all for visiting us!
Dog Mom and Champ

PS.  Champ and I got an awesome deal at the feed store this morning, not to mention, he was a breeze to handle inside!  Anyways, Zukes Minis were on sale for $3.99 a pop!  We go through a ton of these low-cal treats for training.


  1. Hi Champs, you are pretty awesome, so great to have you on our Hop! I don't use those types of leashes so I can't advise, but I bet some of our readers do!

  2. You ARE a Pawsome specimen of a fit and trim Mandog fursure!!!
    I wish I could eats all I wants, I also have to eats out of a dispenser (which I bark at!! hehee)
    Now, Ma can't comment on the 'hands free' leads, cause, well, I'd knock her on her arse if she tried one of those with me!!! BOL!!! I do like your set up though ~ Ma has a 'locking carabiner' on my leash cause I have managed to escape my leash THREE TIMES!!
    Anyhu, Ma wanted to thank you for the info on the hot dogs!!!
    She's goin' to Trader Joes Monday and pick some of the hot dogs up and make them next week!!! Yummers!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Looking good! I'm not helpful on the leash front, but I hope you find what you're looking for!